POETRY: Soul/Body Reconnection

Masks off.

Tired of the iron-casted mould that pinches my skin, my soul.

Aren’t you tired of hiding?

Hiding behind the masks of fake smiles, fake laughter?

High pitch squeals of falsified contentment?

Who truly cares for the wellness of your heart?

You don’t know,

Because you’re unable to tell, because you are playing the game of falsified kindness and alluding vulnerability.

I know you’re tired.

I know you just want to be you.

But perhaps you are scared. It’s been awhile since you could look at yourself in the mirror and recognize your soul.

You forgot what her voice sounds like.

You forgot the way she walks,

You forgot the way she truly laughed, a full-light cackle.

You forgot the fullness of her capacity to love.

You thought she was lost, so you stopped looking for her.

But in truth, she never left you.

Yes, indeed she flew away,

She was beginning to feel too much of the burden of being singed by sick flesh.

Wounded by lovers who didn’t know how to love.

Wounded by words that spoke ill to her core.

So she decided to fly, go on a journey to somewhere far from here, because your flesh ruled stronger than her heart.

She needed a break form you,

So she left you in your shell.

You were then shell deep,

Deeply shelled.

Walking and talking through mindless motion.

She was just waiting for you to tire down.

To give up your reign.

And when you were dropped flat, shattered, and broken to shards- eyes, lips, torso, limbs,

Detached, no longer working together.

She returned and picked up the pieces and mended your broken bones. Renewed.

She re0entered the house of your mortal body

And she began to sing God’s breath back into the crevices of your home.

She held you without judgements, and took your apologies for running her out.

“My dear friend. My trip, I took for the both of us. I’m sorry I made you feel abandoned. I needed to bring with me the pure light of God, of life, of love, to recharge for the both of us.

And so they hugged each other,

And the heart and flesh removed the many masks of isolation,

As they shined radiantly through,

Sharing power and holding each other in strength.

Copyright © 2014 [SHARRAE LYON]. All Rights Reserved



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