Spring Equinox Tarot – Regeneration


cherry blossomsSpring is on the horizons. Many of us have been asking, why is it taking so long for winter to make its way out!? Climate change is definitely happening, there is no doubt about that. Yet, if we are to accept that we are interwoven with the Earth, then we too are very much aligned to her cycles. Raising our consciousness to her rhythms will allow us to configure our spiritual and physical lives to her transformations.

Winter is a time where we descend into the darkness. We are required to take rest, reflection and look at the darker aspects of ourselves. We have spent time in recognizing what it is that we needed to let go, to feel more lighter, more aligned, more free. For some of us, it has been relationships, work environments as well as thought and emotional patterns.

Winter is still around, and its mid-March. What is still left to be given permission to dissipate, transmute and regenerate when Spring arrives?

A couple of weeks ago, I offered a reading to a long-time friend. We shared what exciting shifts were happening in our lives; moving on projects and connecting with people who align with our paths and purpose. However, we also shared our difficulties in accepting joy into our lives and trusting that we can take a chill pill on life, and have things organically unfold.

I realized intuitively both during and after the reading that the cards pulled were themes that need to be tended to for the Spring.

Spring is the epitome of rebirth.  The trees that shed their leaves and held vibrational information are now gearing up for budding new potential. Every living being is currently in the process of regeneration, and we as a species are too.

For a lot of us who understand that we are intimately connected to the Earth and the Cosmos; probably more so than we can even begin to imagine, we too are feeling the need to finally let go of the old self that we have been in the process of shedding for quite some time. There are so many zodiacal, cosmic events that are occurring in various cultural stories of our Cosmic existence. For example, the Chinese Zodiac states that we are in the year of the Red Rooster. Like our ancestors and for still others living in rural spaces, the Rooster wakes people from their slumber.With the recent election of Trump, people across North America as well as Europe are definitely awakening not only in awareness but also to action. Projects seem more urgent , connections towards love more necessary, and a deep need to spread love, light and understanding.


The Present Situation in Which We Find Ourselves

IMG_5834Card 1 – Mother – Fire- Regeneration

There is a Fire burning in our bellies and in our hearts. We are getting so many prompts and signals on what we are supposed to be doing with our precious time. We are being called to ask ourselves, without the fear of what others will think or say about us, what is it that we truly desire? What environment, what actions, what thoughts and emotions will lead us into experiencing more authentic relationships and connection in our lives? When we regenerate, we cannot leave any aspect of ourselves behind! Take some time to think on the main areas of your life: spirituality, career/finances, relationships, mental and physical health.

With asking ourselves these basic, yet critical questions, we will be forced to put in some work! But work does not need to feel like a chore. In fact, it is a radical act to reconceptualize our relationship with work, and define our work as life purpose. We may realize how far off we are from living our ideal lives, but the last thing to do is feel defeated. Allow those negative emotions to be the impetus for guiding you towards what will cultivate your capacity to feel better! Know that your personal regeneration is intimately tied to the environments and people that surround you. When you allow yourself to blossom, you too give the permission for others to do so too.

Emotions Guide our Change


Card 2 – Ace – Ecsta-Sea

This card is all about letting your emotional world guide you! With the birthing of new life, comes a basket of excitement, joy and celebration. The seas, the waters are connected to our emotional lives. In asking ourselves the question of what we need to feel regenerated and fully able to meet the world with both strength, security and openness, we discover how to expand our feelings of positivity. To be more direct, we focus more on our faith than on our fears. Focusing on faith that we are constantly, every day, in every moment, taking a step towards living the lives with deep meaning. Trusting with faith, that we are going to attract the relationships, the finances, and the experiences that will align to our natural Being.

With all that is happening in the world, it can feel like we are submerged under a deep ocean of constant suffering. As long as humans see themselves as separate from each other, compare our experiences and force notions of superiority/inferiority, suffering will always exist. However, there will always be others who will cultivate expanded compassion, awareness, and joy so that we can live more fully. We need more of this! We need more individuals choosing to live life joyously, for joy and passion is what opens the pathways to envisioning and implementing projects, environments and social interactions that can reverse stigma, bigotry and down right hate.

This card, is a nudge from the Earth that it is a revolutionary act to choose and select emotions that will make us feel more whole, more loved and more connected. For when we nourish love, wholeness and connection for ourselves, a ripple effect occurs where others have the chance to feel their way out of suffering, pain and disconnection.

Re-opening our Hearts, Letting go of the Walls


Card 3 – Fire – 6 – Forgiveness

Oh how our hearts can be so easily hurt and close shut from allowing change and love to enter. These past few years have been tough for some of us. We have either directly or indirectly experienced loved ones being incarcerated, deported, hospitalized and coming into direct conflict with oppressive systems and institutions that have encouraged further isolation. For some of us, we have come to see how we have hurt people in our lives, how we may have taken them for granted, or didn’t show the amount of appreciation we had for them. For some of us, we felt like a loved one didn’t honour our presence in their lives. Perhaps we realized how far we stepped away from our own needs, our own desires, and our own dreams after supporting others in aligning to their paths. All of the build up that has traced over our arteries has become suffocating. The tools we used to protect ourselves from harm are no longer needed. In fact, it is through keeping our hearts soft that we can allow for the tough periods in our lives to roll through and take the time to get the lessons.

The more that we focus on the reasons that we can experience more joy, no matter our circumstances, the more that we come to realize that at the end of the day, we are all trying our best, even when our best was really fucking shitty. When we give ourselves the space to forgive our own trespasses, without the need of a god or someone else to grant us forgiveness, we free and soften our hearts. When we forgive others for their wrong doing against us, we free and soften our hearts.

What do you need to forgive yourself for, and finally let go? Who do you need to forgive in order to soften your heart?

Spring is calling us to let go of the load that we have been dragging, to allow us to feel lighter. Feel the freshness of Spring breeze into your life. Allow it to softly answer your questions and give you the strength and courage to release and regenerate into the you are Becoming.

Love and Light,

Interested in receiving a personal reading for the Spring? Fly me an email at sharraelyon@gmail.com





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