Sharrae Lyon is a writer, filmmaker, facilitator and healer who believes that science-fiction and the imagination are tools that can be utilized to project ourselves into futures where we can heal traumas of the past and present. She is determined by redefining what it means to be human. Her work is grounded in  understanding the interconnections of self, community and the eco-system and reframing mental health as points of evolution and transformation when in an environment of support. Her work has been published in the Peak, From the Root, Canadian Dimensions, For Harriet and Muslimah Media Watch. Additionally, she has facilitated workshops across Canada and in Detroit, Michigan utilizing futurism, healing and the arts in envisioning new and more sustainable futures.


I believe in the powerful capacity of individual liberation not as an idea, but as an active force of resistance that can contribute to community change.  The elevation of one, must contribute to and inspire the elevation of all. Thus, I desire to follow the steps of my ancestors and predecessors of creating a future that breaks out of the confines of imposed existence.

I believe we are mirrors of each other.

I believe we are the shapers of our existence.

I believe we can change and alter the course of history and of the future.

I believe we are much more powerful than what we have been let on to believe.

I believe in music and dance as an avenue of healing the Spirit.

I believe in you and in us, as a community.









Copyright © 2017 Sharrae Lyon. All Rights Reserved


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