Published Articles

Below are links to Sharrae’s original articles and written pieces.

Jamaican Self-Help Canada:

Taking the Reins of our History. February 2014. Jamaican Self-Help Canada Blog.

Waking to Triple Consciousness. February 2014. Jamaican Self-Help Canada Blog.

For Harriet:

Black History to Black FuturismL Trajecting our Liberation. February 7, 2014. For Harriet.

Muslimah Media Watch

Muslim Anti-Racist Collaborative Centres Black Muslim Voices. March 18, 2014. Muslimah Media Watch.

Breaking Down Stereotypes: Somali Women Always Agents of History. June 19, 2013. Muslimah Media Watch.

Black Muslim Lesbians Find Community in Atlanta’s Gay Mecca Part 1 and Part 2. May 29, 2013. Muslimah Media Watch.

“Hip Hop Hijabis: Catching up with Poetic Pilgrimage.” April 15, 2013. Muslimah Media Watch.

Creating Spaces of Reconciliation: Queer Muslims Congregate. March 20, 2013. Muslimah Media Watch.

“Talking with Hip Hop Hijabis” Filmmaker Mette Reitzel. February 12, 2013. Muslimah Media Watch.

Talked Into Complacency: A Muslim Woman’s Response to Trudeau’s Message at RIS. January 23, 2013. Muslimah Media Watch.

Nur Media’s “As a Muslim” Series: Black Muslims Talk Islam. January 1, 2013. Muslimah Media Watch.

Oh Canada…Not So True or Free.” November 1, 2012. Muslimah Watch.

Facing Mirrors: Iranian Filmmaker Explores Trans* Identity in Iran. October 4, 2012. Muslimah Media Watch.

Finding my Essence: An Unconventional Ramadan. August 18, 2012. Muslimah Media Watch.

Responsibility as Representatives: A Need for Honest Reflection. May 1, 2012. Muslimah Media Watch.

Islamophobia in Transnational Feminist Discourses. April 11, 2012. Muslimah Media Watch.

Casting Call for Muslim Women. March 5, 2012. Muslimah Media Watch.

Using Islamic Identity Against Victims of Sexual Violence. February 8th, 2012. Muslimah Media Watch.

Reclaiming of Inclusion of Sisters at RIS Part 1 and 2. January 9, 2012. Muslimah Media Watch.

Canadian Dimension Magazine:

Decolonizing Resistance at the Unis’tot’en Camp. January/February 2013. Canadian Dimension, 47, i.1.

Youth on the Front Lines: Another Face of the Resistance Against Cut to Refugee Health Care. September/October 2012. Canadian Dimension, v, 46 i.5.

The Media Co-Op:

Embracing Voices, Creating Personal Landscapes. July 16, 2012. The Media Co-Op.

Two Dispatches from Occupy Ottawa. November 14, 2011.

The Charlatan

Female Poets Take Centre Stage. September 22, 2011. The Charlatan.

Aboriginal Awareness Week Expanded to a Month. January 11, 2012. The Charlatan.

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